Financial Literacy Workshop for BBA Final Year Students


“Can you suggest any further courses I should take if I want to help my father manage his business better?”

“What is your father’s business?”

“He’s a farmer. We have some land my father uses for growing crops. Though he is good at growing them, he is unable to sell them at reasonable prices. He usually ends up dealing with middlemen, and they usurp all the margin. Storage is another problem.”

“And what exactly is your plan to help him in this activity?”

“I want to go directly to customers and markets. Sell the produce directly to them, maybe at slightly lower prices but I want to plug the middlemen gap.”

“What makes you think your father hasn’t tried that already?”


This is an excerpt of the interaction TheSWO team had with Abhijit (name changed), one of the BBA Final Year students at a leading management and technology institutes in the national capital region.

No doubt, the irony here is hard to spot, especially if you are not aware of the curriculum of BBA for most institutions. This student will certainly be very fortunate if he finds himself any closer to his aim of starting to sell his father’s produce directly in the market.

The Literacy Abyss

Thousands of Abhijits across the country enroll and go through the graduate courses every year.  However, the irony is that more than 60% of this fresh graduate population is not industry ready. After spending more than 15 years of their precious time and a hell lot of money, these graduates will spend another couple of years donning the skills needed to be industry worthy.

However, that will be possible only if there is an employer willing to spend that much time and money on these graduates. This may not always be the case. So, where exactly these once bright and enthusiastic kids and their parents making the mistake?

More often than not, they both are misjudging the markets and choosing education which is traditional and an established norm.

Misjudging the Markets & Future

Why there is a mismatch between what will be and what most of these parents and kids are seeking? Mostly because the information flow is like that. What is popular often tends to be the stale food, which has lost its steam. However, that is not always the case. One exception to this popularity rule is the software engineering domain, but even that is not completely untouched by the callousness of the education system.

How to Overcome the Information Asymmetry?

Financial Literacy is the answer. It is perfectly normal to wonder ‘why only financial literacy and not a modern education system?

The reason why we should not and, in fact, cannot target the education system, is because it is not an organised, perfectly regulated progressive system. It is a system which is partly working for profit (the private sector) and partly becuause no one would venture in it (government institutions).

Thus, most of the institutions in the country are working based on the patterns set by two things:

  1. Demand
  2. Government Regulations

There is a whole ecosystem these government-backed institutions are supporting, however, mostly unofficially. Therefore, the strengths and weaknesses presented by government institutions pass on inefficiently to the other factors in the ecosystem.

That is why, the success of IITs has been encashed by mushrooming engineering colleges, and IIMs have faced mushrooming MBA colleges. The problem with such a system is that it works like a train, which only has brakes and acceleration capabilities for the engine. So, even when the engine has stopped the train continues for miles before changing course.

How does Financial Literacy Workshop Help Students?

Financial literacy workshop organised by TheSWO has the capacity to help the students bride this information asymmetry through investigation and research. Our financial literacy workshop does not only introduce students to the financial markets and instruments, but it also helps them seek the right information, ask the right questions, and approach the right people for the information they need.

This ability to think critically and decipher their problems layer by layer helps the students to resolve their career related queries and doubts efficiently. We firmly believe that financial literacy does not just help you make critical financial decisions, but it also helps you stay ahead in life, and stay happier.

How does Financial Literacy Workshop Help Professionals?

In short, the assistance to professionals is similar to the one given to the students. However, with the experience and responsibilities, professionals are often time-starved to seek all the answers. Therefore, we present sniping techniques to make decisions with higher awareness, rather than postponing them.

Right investment decisions, help the families gain prosperity and preserve their future financially. Goals like retirement are essential for any individual, but most face difficulty in ensuring a comfortable and financially independent retirement for themselves.

Financial literacy workshop from TheSWO can help you overcome most such obstacles towards your life goals, whether by:

  • Seeking the right kind of information
  • Asking right questions or
  • Trusting the right people

Thus, the objectives of the financial literacy workshop of TheSWO are two-fold:

  1. Bridge the gap between the technical knowledge of young graduates and the industry
  2. Help them understand financial products and how to use them to fulfill their life goals

What Does Financial Literacy Workshop Contain?

Financial literacy workshop from TheSWO contains the following work-flow, depending on the audience.:

For Graduation Students:

  • Tips on budgeting expenses
  • Savings
  • Introduction to financial markets and products
  • Financial Market functions
  • How to use financial products
  • Roles and professions related to the financial services industry

For Faculties & Other Earning Professionals

  • Simple and effective Tax-saving tips
  • Financial products to make life easier
  • How to set financial goals
  • How to invest money for better growth
  • Why and How to benefit from Equity market growth

What Does the Workshop Not Offer?

Our Financial Literacy program for young graduates does not offer any of the following:
  • Sell or promote a financial product, such as mutual fund, life insurance or bank loans
  • Promote any corporate/commercial brand or stock
  • Sell or promote any financial services such as fee-based financial planning or mutual fund and insurance advisory

Offer a Financial Literacy Workshop to Your Students or Employees

To invite a proposal for the financial literacy workshop at your organisation, drop an e-mail to

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