Financial Literacy Workshop

Financial literacy workshop from TheSWO contains the following work-flow, depending on the audience.:

For Graduation Students:

  • Tips on budgeting expenses
  • Savings
  • Introduction to financial markets and products
  • Financial Market functions
  • How to use financial products
  • Roles and professions related to the financial services industry

For Faculties & Other Earning Professionals

  • Simple and effective Tax-saving tips
  • Financial products to make life easier
  • How to set financial goals
  • How to invest money for better growth
  • Why and How to benefit from Equity market growth

What Does the Workshop Not Offer?

Our Financial Literacy program for young graduates does not offer any of the following:
  • Sell or promote a financial product, such as mutual fund, life insurance or bank loans
  • Promote any corporate/commercial brand or stock
  • Sell or promote any financial services such as fee-based financial planning or mutual fund and insurance advisory

Offer a Financial Literacy Workshop to Your Students or Employees

To invite a proposal for the financial literacy workshop at your organisation, drop an e-mail to