Individual Vs Family Floater Health Insurance Plan


So much has changed in the past decade alone. Stock markets touched record highs for the first time, only to tumble down to recession levels, world saw 2 wars, and fuel prices make a high jump record and tumble.

However, there have been some prices which have only seen one direction of movement, and not to mention at a double-digit rate each year. These are your healthcare expenses.

You probably already know the importance of health insurance in tackling these expenses. However, it is likely that you may have questioned your choice of health cover many times, or may be mulling one right now. It is a much-debated topic, whether you should buy a family floater plan or buy individual plans for each family member.

Following are some major factors that’ll make your decision easier:

Comparing the Health Insurance Plans

Since there are more than 30 general insurers offering health insurance cover in this country, it helps if you can see the cost for at least some at one place. So, here’s a list of the best health insurance plans and their respective features they offer:

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