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What is InvestmentFAQs?

InvestmentFAQs is a repository of short questions and answers related to:

  • Investments
  • Mutual Funds
  • Insurance products
  • Banking/post office instruments and
  • Any other financial instrument of retail investment

InvestmentFAQs offers straight and non-opinionated answers to these small queries which you, as an investor, may encounter while managing your money and investments.

Readers can find answers to common investment related questions here. The questionnaire should improve your understanding of the investment or insurance product and help you make better financial/investment choice in your life. Whether you consult an investment adviser or do it all yourself, a little more clarity on financial instruments will always help you in your decisions.

Who Should Read?

Those of you who prefer a little more knowledge than simply following another’s instructions should refer to InvestmentFAQs regularly. So whether you are an investor, student, faculty or even an investment adviser, InvestmentFAQs could be for you. It should enhance whatever you already know about financial instrument and their usage in your financial lives.

So, read the questions and answers related to any of the investment or insurance product categories here. And, yes, do not forget to share your thoughts and questions on the same. Also, if you find an answer to be inadequate or too complicated to comprehend, let us know. We will do everything in our capacity to make it simpler and easy to grasp in no time.