LTS Session at IIM Lucknow Noida Campus by Mr. Dinesh Chand Sharma

On this Saturday the July 15, the twenty seventh Leadership Talk Session (LTS) was organised at IIM Lucknow Noida campus. The Program was organized in a joint effort put up by the students of institute’s PGPSM (Post Graduate Program – Sustainability Management) and WMP (Working Managers Program) courses.
LTS Session by Mr. Dinesh Sharma at IIML Noida Campus

Honored guest and speaker for the session was Mr. Dinesh Chand Sharma, Director Standardization, Policy and Regulation, SESEI (Seconded European Standardization Expert in India). Mr. Sharma is a leading expert in the domain of standardization of business practices, and is currently heading a European Standards project called “SESEI” in India. The project is owned by the European Standards Organizations, namely CEN (European Committee for Standardization), CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) and ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute).

In the session, which was attended by both PGPSM and WMP students on the campus, Mr. Sharma shared the benefits and need of standardization in the global markets. Mr. Sharma emphasized the importance of standardization in creating a global business environment and challenges faced by Indian businesses in global setting, especially the European or western markets, where demand for quality products is high.

Mr. Sharma said, “Standardization is necessary to achieve global scale of operations in today’s world. And one of the greatest misconception about Standards is that it is seen as a forced and imposed process. However, Standards are entirely consensual and voluntary, unlike regulations where parameters must be adhered to. For businesses, even though, they are not forced to follow certain standards, it is beneficial if they seek to enter and compete in a market which demand a set of quality parameters which is different from other markets.”

To highlight the difference in the standards followed by the countries across the world he shared some insights, like only about 32% of the ISO (International Standards Organisation) standards actually match the European Standards. ISO boasts of a 163 nation membership across the world including the USA, India, China and most of the European countries.
LTS session at IIML Noida Campus by Mr. Dinesh Sharma

He also shared the latest developments in the Indian standards for consumer goods and the challenges faced by the country’s businesses in implementing them and achieving a global scale.

Mr. Dinesh further elaborated on the standardization of digital space and how it is contributing to a sustainable, efficient and smart solutions for the coming generations. Emphasizing the role of standardization of technology in development of smart health solutions, cities and transportation facilities, he explained the need to study and understand the challenges of the process. Mr. Dinesh also upheld that he has high hopes from the budding leaders he is addressing that they’ll work towards resolving the multiple gaps in current technological development.

Mr. Sharma also mentioned about the ICT (Internet & Communication Technology) research program Horizon 2020, which seeks to standardize internet communication technology to bring Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to life.

The learning for the budding entrepreneurs among the students have been about standardization as self regulation to achieve global scale. According to Mr. Sharma the challenge our governments face in implementing regulations and quality controls is the lack of ‘impact assessment studies for the regulations before implementation.’ This leaves a huge gap in the expectation and achievement of results.

Ending the session Mr. Dinesh also shared his success mantra with the participants, which epitomize his lifetime learning:

“Read something no one else is reading
Think something no one else is thinking
Do something no on else is doing”