Make This Mother’s Day a Relaxing Experience for Your Mum


Mothers do a lot for the kids and the household. There are a few occasions in the year when you can switch roles, and let her enjoy all the care and love she has for the family. You will be surprised to know how little an effort you need to make your mom feel special. So this Mother’s Day, why not try and give her a pleasant surprise? – A day off with her favourite things in place.

Here are five things that  you can try that’ll definitely make her feel special:

Mother's Day Get the House in Order

Clean the House Before She Wakes up

There’s a high degree of chance that your surprise mission may blow up unless executed with utmost perfection. You will need to wake up early, and without making a noise rearrange the house. Clean up the floors, remove the garbage, put everything where it belongs.

In plain language, make sure the house looks like caring for itself. Don’t forget the clothes though, put the laundry through too. Laundry might mean you’ll need an extra 2 to 3 hours before mom’s morning alarm.

You will also need some fresh flowers to put on the dining table, before moving to the next step.

Mother's Day Kid's Cooking

Cook for Her

We all enjoy mom’s food, don’t we? On the Mother’s Day start her day with your personalized breakfast and meal menu. So the next thing on the list is cooking. Cooking should include her favourite breakfast and served with an amazing coffee or juice in the morning. If your mom is a sugar patient, also consider keeping her medicines with breakfast.

And cooking must not be limited to just breakfast. Breakfast is just the beginning, remember how she frantically did everything starting early in the morning when you were attending school. Breakfast to be followed by the meal of the day, and then dinner.

Mother's Day Scenic Walk

Collections of Her Favourite TV Show/Movies

Well since it’s summertime, why not just the favourites?  Some of these shows may not be everyone’s favourite. However, if you just leave her with the collection, and simply let her spent everything at her leisure, nothing can beat the feeling.

Mother's Day Shopping

Get Her Shopping at Leisure

Shopping can really be a fun time for women. But usually, this fun time is cut short to keep up with family responsibilities. So, let’s give the mom’s all the time in the world to exhaust their shopper bugs. For the best experience, stay around her while she roams around and shops, take the load off her, from time to time.

Just let her roam free, without inhibitions, and of course household responsibilities.

You are cooking tonight, right?

Mother's Day Spa Retreat

Book Her a Spa Retreat

Spa treatments and massage therapies can help both mental and physical relaxation. The sauna or steam shower can soothe aches and pains from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other joint issues.

The spa appointment not only offers many health benefits, but it also gives your mom much-needed relaxation. While you have taken up the charge make her feel at ease, the spa can put the pieces together.

So this mother’s day, make the most of it and make your precious mom feel at ease and special.

Buy Her a Health Insurance

Health insurance is always a good choice for anyone. If your mom doesn’t have a health insurance cover yet, Mother’s Day could be a great time to provide her one.

Other than the benefits, you can claim health insurance premium you paid on this policy under section 80D. The deduction can go up to Rs. 50,000 depending on the age of the insured.

With this win-win gift idea, wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day.

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